Florida Motel

I kicked at the gravel and snapped some photographs in the grey drizzle. I thought about happier times while traffic thrummed behind me on the interstate, the sound of air-conditioned and globally-positioned drivers oblivious to the plight of family-owned motor lodges. An orange shopping cart glowed behind a busted picture window. Mattress guts drifted across the parking lot and got stuck in the trees. I thought I heard a voice say hey and I hurried back to the car.

4 thoughts on “Florida Motel”

  1. m says:

    i like the things you put on this website.

  2. James says:

    I like that you like these things.

  3. Nikola Tesla says:

    I love old dilapidated structures like these. Great for some epic shots.

  4. It seems a scary pictures to me, a ghost town that is! Why is this place abandoned?

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