Enchanted Desert

“They’ll challenge each other to walk five or ten miles into the Mojave or Death Valley without any supplies and then walk five or ten miles back. They wager money on it.”


Reverberated Crying

Echoes of a sublime ballad from 1961.


Do You Remember New Orleans?

“Last time he was ever given an expense account.” Overlapping voices. More laughter.


Connie & Coltrane at the End of Time

A busted loop of sludgy Coltrane with a shot of Connie Francis plus a wall of static and feedback.


Texas Radio Drift

He heard it somewhere southeast of El Paso. An old Mexican ballad maybe, not that he could understand a word of it, but the woman’s voice was the most beautiful thing he’d ever heard.

Mix Tapes


Chaos is Your New Lady

Love among the ruins. A dusty Roy Orbison ballad plays from an old radio in an alley but the machines can’t find it.

Bufe Tekell Bayii - Version 2

Steady Rocking Delight

Killing time in airports, motels, and train stations.


Mojave Super Eight

Dedicated to motels that advertise color television.


Blue Motor Lodge

Two pitched-down dub records meander through a field of mid-century blues and ballads.


Midnight on Dauphine

A midnight mix for deep nights starring Vangelis, Al Green, Black Sabbath, The Cranes, and lots of reverb.


Sundown Motel

Looking out of a motel window at blinking neon signs.


Kylmä Musiikki

A long winter mix.

Crashed in Radioland

Crashed in Radioland

A big new mix, designed for working late into the night. Starring Basic Channel, Porter Ricks, Pole, Brian Eno, and more.