A collection of sketches, essays, and broadsides from the past decade, written into a notebook with a .5mm pen. Some of these selections are fodder for real and fantasized books. Others are outlines and citations that have worked their way into my teaching and thinking, while some pieces are the messy byproducts of struggling to understand our strange world.

Tragic Lovers on the Radio
Sketches and scenery from my first novel.
Interstate Scenes
Semi-fictional living along the American roadside.
American Hit Parade
Crack-ups, conspiracies, and lost tapes.
Vintage Years
Personal records and old family snapshots.
Unclassified Scenery
An ever-shifting collection of shrapnel and debris.

Big City Romance

Big American Digest


Cotton Gin Catfish

A Chair for Meditation

Televised Memories

We’ll Keep the Light on for You

The Human Condition

Tapped Out




A Speech about Driving

Something Bad Happened by the Lake

Mental Exile

"More than mere art"

The Way We Understand Cities


At the Museum

Sunday Records

Saturday Night Song

Long Night

On Black & White


Book Tour

Permanent War

Border Inspection

Florida to Georgia


Late Night Melancholic Fireball Music

Big American Auto Tour

Blackjack Memories on a Saturday Night

Notes on Death Wish


Commercial Interruption

A Lot of Gold, A Lot of Soul…

My Fear of Flying and the Rapture

Fucking Ronald Reagan and Crashing JFK

Lawyer College Update

Krewe du Vieux

High Rise Technology

A Machine to Make the Machine

Prada Marfa


Florida Motel

"Heat of Passion"

Quiet Town





Shoot or Prosecute?

Addict Status

Best Comment Award

Highway Landing

Postcard from the Texas Coast


Requiem for Dead Vehicles

On Beauty

My Bookcase

Flight Notes

Notes on Checkpoint Charlie

Seventeen Notes on the Stasi Remand Prison

My Last Good Idea

Fear of Flying

The World’s Largest Food Distribution Center

Mix No. 13: Music for Night Running

Electric Narcokleptocracy

A Very Short Story About Love

A Very Short Story About Killing

Classics Rescreened

Sketchy Motel Interlude

Dope Exhibit





My Exuberant Email Syntax

The Tree that Escaped the Forest

Dakota Wreck

For the Record

Kraftwerk in Helsinki

Live from Helsinki

American Moment


Things You Can Kill on the Road (and Vice Versa)

On the Beach

30 Hours in Estonia

Good Drum Time

Machine Dream

American Cure

Strange Men in the Bathroom

Mix No. 5: Flags & Fireworks

Mermaid Parade

Mix No. 4: Rocket City

Anatomy of a Speeding Ticket


A Waffle House is Not a Home

Mix No. 2: Téléférique & Autostrada

Il Déchire Grave

Bikini Bull Riding

Nothing But Drums

Adult Matters

Giraffe, Part 3

After Burner

Western Electric

Cigarettes, Their Role and Function

Puerto Rico, Part I