Point & Shoot

“As authorities in Florida try to make taking photos of farms illegal, James A. Reeves traces the law’s Red Scare roots and offers some legal tips.”

No Photos Allowed

The nice people at GOOD invited me to write a short piece about the implications of Florida’s pending Senate Bill 1246, which would prohibit “making any audio record, photograph, or video record at [a] farm without the owner’s written consent.” I ended up writing about a jeep in Utah and quoting Harry Truman. You can read it here.

As an ambivalent first-year law student, I’m wary of dispensing anything resembling legal advice to those who want to fight Homeland Security and overzealous rent-a-cops, so I will direct you to this useful PDF called Your Rights and Remedies When Stopped or Confronted for Photography. Best thing to know: “Absent a court order, private parties have no right to confiscate your film.”