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Saturday Night Song

Sometimes we’re hit with the urge to write a sentence or make a sound that captures everything at once, the traffic lights and grand dramas playing across the city tonight, the thousands of bulbs over kitchen tables, the drowsy voice on the taxi radio saying there’s light rain at the airport and temperatures will be holding steady throughout the evening. Women putting on eyeliner in mirrors, the way they pull open their eyes and look so serious. “Another dead satellite will fall to Earth this weekend,” says a television in the other room. Rain on the streets, silhouettes sitting at windows, freighters on the dark ocean, and all those other purple Saturday night feelings. Sometimes you’re idling at an intersection or sitting on the edge of your bed and you want to capture the whole thing. Here’s a good song for this impulse, although it’s in Finnish and I don’t understand a word of it.

Paavoharju – Aamuauringon Tuntuinen
from Yhä Hämärää. Fonal, 2005 | buy mp3s
“Created by a band of born-again Christians in rural Finland, sung in Finnish and with a title that translated means ‘Continuously Dark’…” More at Boomkat.