Happy Holidays

“And I’ll be grooving at Christmastime.”

View from Mulholland Drive.

Saturday Night Song

Sometimes we’re hit with the desire to write a sentence or make a sound that captures everything at once, the traffic lights and grand dramas playing across the city tonight…

God of Thunder

Late Night Melancholic Fireball Music

Sometimes I want to light up a cigarette in the middle of a crowded movie theater.


Blackjack Memories on a Saturday Night

A cigarette bobs on his lip as he punches in “Funnel of Love” again.

Somewhere in Arizona


Come here and give me a hug.

Main Street at Midnight

A Lot of Gold, A Lot of Soul…

Heat lightning flashes across the sky tonight. From somewhere down the block, a radio plays an old deep soul record. Listen…

Friday Night Rocking

One two three four five six! Going faster miles an hour! With the radio on at night!

Off the Air

Going dark until May 2. I need to figure out what the hell “acquisitive prescription” means and why the dormant commerce clause affects our liberty.

Music For Emotional Landscapes

Hold it. Feel the weight. Put it on the hi-fi and reacquaint yourself with the joy of late night vinyl that makes you feel less alone. We need this kind of music more than ever.

Night Riding

I looked at the distant lights and think of all the strange decisions I’ve made. I listened to this song.

Detachment Music

Having a bad day? Sometimes a numb sense of depersonalization is the best outcome you can hope for. This song will help you get there.

The Night Before

Everything he cared about was left in a little town called Fairfield.

Back on the Air

Nice to be back. I’d like to thank everybody for tuning in to this station. Seriously. You have a lot of choices in your internet programming and I’m humbled.

Three Trailers


At night you can’t see a thing in the desert, but you can sense them hulking out there on the horizon, pitched forward and waiting for something to happen.

The Lonely Surfer


Live on the beach. Except even that gets political, they said.

Warm Electrics

Processed guitars. Dignified drums. This is big-hearted electric music designed for laying back in the sun.


Whenever I’m rattled and I need to go catatonic and focus on my breathing, I tell myself that I’m going to Greenland.

Line of Pine

I remember racing through the big pines of the Upper Peninsula with my father, hoping to make it to Iron River before midnight. [audio:In Dark Trees.mp3] Brian Eno – In Dark Trees from Another Green World. Island, 1975 | buy mp3s

Shirley's Beauty Salon

On Beauty

Yea, ya simply beautiful. Yeah, yeah, beautiful, yeah. When you get right down to it. Oh, mmh-hmm. Oh, ho, huh. Oh, ho, ho, huh. Mmh-hmm, hmm, hmm. Mmmmmmmmh-hmmmm! Ay, hey, baby!

Roadside Transmission

I’m hauling everything that I possess down south. I pull over to catch my breath. The past year has been nothing but flux. Transitioning. Now I’m only six hundred miles away from settling down for a few years. Still, there’s a lot of power in knowing that you can just yank the car west and […]