Ode to Miss Lonelyhearts

Jimmy Stewart’s up there, judging you. He’s the one who stuck you with that maudlin nickname but I don’t think he meant to be cruel.

Walmart Before the Storm

Lashing & Hunkering

The meteorologists were flushed with excitement. They wanted the storm to hit and they wanted it to hit big. Chipper women with electric lipstick fanned their painted nails across the cyclone’s projected path…


The Line is Hot

“Always remember that you own the bullet. Wherever it goes, whoever it hurts, you own it.”



In the morning I found a note to myself: “Go to Chick-Fil-A, then buy a weight set. Be more alpha.”

Found in a box of my grandfather's things. Made in U.S.A.

Lost & Found

Digging through a box of my grandfather’s things, I found this blade.

Somewhere in South Dakota.


10,083 miles later and the book tour is done.

Studio I

Getting ready to rock.

The Age of Distraction

The internet is wearing me out. Every minute in front of the screen is a knotty act of monitoring, filtering, and self-chastising. I live with the constant knowledge that I shouldn’t read about the latest political kerfuffle or click on streaming images of the latest celebrity arrest, yet I do it anyway…

At the New Orleans Athletic Club

Punching Bag

I’ve started hitting the punching bag harder and more often.

Night Riding

I looked at the distant lights and think of all the strange decisions I’ve made. I listened to this song.

Legal Writing

Lawyer College Update

I’m beginning to make my peace with the fact that law school has been an elaborate writing workshop.

Detachment Music

Having a bad day? Sometimes a numb sense of depersonalization is the best outcome you can hope for. This song will help you get there.

Insomnia, Exams, and the Dead Flag Blues

The night before my last exam, I was shredded. Wired and jumpy with a headful of law. I paced. I cleaned the kitchen sink. I packed for a road trip. I scanned my outlines and thumbed through case briefs…

Sand Stonehenge


I worry that faith is a form of denial.


Whenever I’m rattled and I need to go catatonic and focus on my breathing, I tell myself that I’m going to Greenland.

Night Shift

Right now people are getting hit by cars and eating salads and writing amazing novels and sitting in prison and fighting in dead-end motels. I want to take it all in, even if it’s only by taking a picture or sharing a reassuring song.

Me, For the Past Four Days

I’ve already moaned about building IKEA furniture when I did it in Helsinki in January. Now I’m complaining about doing it in New Orleans in July.

Flight Note 4

Flight Notes

The fear that I might climb over the seats and claw at the door.

31 Island Air

Fear of Flying

Famous aviatophobics include Stanley Kubrick, Isaac Asimov, David Bowie, Kim Jong Il, Lars von Trier, Josef Stalin, and Whoopi Goldberg.

My Safe Place

Sometimes when I get stressed out, I shut my eyes and count to ten and picture this scene.