Unclassified Scenery

Warm Electrics

Heading out of the Mojave and into the Inland Empire. Somewhere in California.

Good news, music lovers! Stephen Baker returns to the audio scene with a brand new transmission called Isometric. During his days in the halcyon Tomorrowland outfit, Baker delivered soft-focus music for the Kranky and Darla imprints with Nick Brackney (go buy Stereoscopic Soundwaves right now). Nowadays he’s taking solo excursions under the Addisko moniker and the latest result is a six-track collection that pulses and flickers like a beloved snippet of Super 8. (It’s difficult to stay away from visual metaphors when discussing Baker’s work.)

Imagine placing the Chain Reaction catalogue under a heatlamp, thawing it out, and shellacking the results with a fizzy Spiritualized sheen. Processed guitars. Dignified percussion. This is big-hearted electric music designed for laying back in the sun. Remember the better parts of Burger & Ink’s Las Vegas? Or those Kreisel 7″s from ’99? These are rare moments when the endless loops of electronic music burn a little brighter and get a bit overheated, revealing the analogue grit and heart of a rock song. It’s a collision that makes a wonderful noise, and this is the moment that Baker continues to explore throughout his work — and Isometric zooms deep into the techno film, revealing warm weather and reassuring atmospheres.

Addisko – Chloroform
Download the whole album here for free.